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june 7 2023

sizzle season is heeeere!! it super sucks that there's no new items outside of things that are in the catalogue :/ i was really looking forward to more shoes as i'm trying to get the golden mr. coco badge for my splashtag. humpback pumptrack is back!! I was excited as i'm in the minority of people who actually like this map, but oh my god it feels horrible to play in splat3.... SPLATOON ITSELF feels terrible to play in this game so i'm not fuckin surprised...... ugh.

challenges are fun i guess, it's nice to play something that's not turf but not anarchy. i've only been able to take part in one so far, but i liked it! ummm let's see, coming up in a few days is big run again, woopty-doo. idk, big run is more fun than usual salmon run, but i dont like undertow spillway :/ it's my least favorite map in splat3 so let's just say i'm not super excited for this one. the end prize for side order dlc got leaked online so that was wild, gotta say I dont know what i expected, but i'm excited for it nonetheless! side order has a lot riding on it. lately i've become so exhausted with splatoon in general thanks to splat3, i just lost like all interest in it besides grinding for the catalogue and doing the occasional special event. side order will either save splat3 for me or cement my hatred of it as the worst splatoon game. at least pearl will be back.... i miss oth so bad :(


march 7 2023

well, big run is over! i sometimes wish they lasted longer than just two-ish days :/ since they start and end at 7pm (my time zone) i find myself grinding long nights rather than any other time -_-' i stayed up waaaay too late this time grinding for scales with my best friend J, it ended up being really fun but i'm upset i stayed up so late... i didn't end up grinding enough scales to get the new outfit i wanted either!!! i was really aiming for the orange gloopsuit, the splatoon two default. it looks so stylish i'm so upset i dont have it!! one of the online friends who joined J and i while we were gaming so long was wearing a black and white gloopsuit... ugh!!! it was so stylish! i know i'll never have enough scales toget it (i really don't like splat3 salmon rn compared to splat2), so i know i'll never have it.... but ooooo i want it so bad!! i'm sad all the cool outfits are locked behind so much insane grinding... i really hope the splat devs adjust the scale drop rates so i can finally collect more!

oh! i haven't talked at all about the new king salmonid! she's cool!! i actually really like horrorboros! i think the booyah/steelhead bomb she's got is a fun gimmick compared to boring old cohozuna... like he is SO boring compared to horrorboros, his only gimmick is jumping around and rolling on you. in comparison it feels like horrorboros is much easier, even on high tide when cohozuna is a nightmare. since she flies above the map, it's so much easier to navigate the minibosses on the ground and not end up completely team wiped because you were too busy paying attention to where cohozuna is that you missed a scrapper or some shit. genuinely i think horrorboros is a much better boss design for salmon run as a whole, she actually complements the maps and movement on them rather than just causing a hectic mess.

-signed, someone who's bad at splat3 salmon run anyways

P.S. i finally got my hands on my signature gas mask!!! ugh i've been waiting so long! it's good to have it back!


march 2 2023

sooooo... the first wave of the DLC and the fresh season update dropped about a few days ago and a day ago respectively... there are a lot of things to say about it!!

DLC first! ummm... not a lotta effort was put into this one huh? a lot of deatails are just... not there??? if you load into the game in inkopolis you still have to watch anarchy splatcast, and it doesnt even zoom into the big screen like inkopolis news in splat1 >:( no new shopkeeper for inkopolis splatlantis either!!! just harmony "calling you on the phone" SHE IS NOT!!! they put a vintage tv screen filter over the usual hotlantis shop and she just pulls her cell out to chat with you >:( LAZY!!! ugh! the squid sisters are loud as fuck now too! when you watch them from the window now their convo is able to be heard??? like?? these bitches are LOUD!!!! i liked it when they were quieter..... but i think that's personal preference :/c anyways, you can tableturf with everyone from the old location and now the tableturf table is in a sunnier spot so you can see everyone in good lighting!! that's super nice! also the inkopolis shopkeepers are available to battle, i'm gonna kick annie's ass so many times, her card sleeves are too cute. speaking of annie, most of the old shopkeepers are back! that's fun! annie's the only noticable one as she had a change of style and now rocks a gothier look! cute!! spike is once again getting fans all riled up, i didn't know he was such a fan fave! oh yeah anothr complaint though, the battle lobby and the grizzco doors lead to the exact same interiors as the tower in splatsville :/ cmon guys... a little effort maybe?? the only detail i think is neat but still have some complaints about is the starting screen is blue + orange if you boot up the game vs the yellow + purple if you boot it up in splatsville. still would've been nice to see an updated splatoon 1 loading screen with an interior shot of a squid kid's room, but i think it's neat. anyways the DLC would not be worth it if it wasn't bundled with the side order DLC :/ glad nintendo didn't make us pay $25 each for them seperate.

now for the fresh season thoughts! first off: kraken is back! i thought it looked so silly on octos in the teaser and i still maintain that opinion :T the new maps are cool, manta maria is back! not my choice for which splat2 map to bring back, but y'know what, i'm happy it's here! um'ami ruins is my favorite original splat3 map so far!! it's so big and open and has that whole lower floor area right next to spawn... its so delightful to play on!! umm let's see... oh! jukebox is here!! i like this adition a lot, even if it costs a little pocket change to select a song. it's also super neat to see a bunch of new song titles and artists! my fave is "aquariyum" hate their one song, but i love imagining them... a bunch of fishes makin music together.... delightful. wish they put more off the hook on there :( we only have the off the hook & damp socks (ew still a gross name) songs available. new gear wise, i'm so excited to get my hands on the gas mask... it's my main face gear in both splat1 and 2, i need it so bad!!! other than that not too much else notable! oh! big run starts like, tomorrow or something! excited to beat up that big fish snake and grind for scales with the gang!

anyways those are my thoughts for today!