welcome to cool fish pics!

i collect and share cool pictures of fish here! fish are someof the most beautiful creatures ever and i love looking at them!!! if you'd like to get your fish featured email me a picture and a fun fact about them at magicalgirldepressilyn@gmail.com


december 6 2022

i've been really into looking at photos of remoras lately, they're just so sleek and pretty, the suckers on their head are are so intricate... sigh, truly a beautiful fish.

photo credit goes to: Andrea Izzotti

a fun fact about these fellas is that they don't have a swim bladder at all! they have to rely on bigger animals like rays, sharks, and sea turtles to pull them through the water so they can get water flowing through their gills. aso baby remoras look like miniature adult remoras!! just a little guy but smaller!!! baby remoras start growing their little suction cups at only 0.4 inches long :0!!


december 5 2022

to start us out here's a photo of my 10gal tank when the plants were a bit healthier... i've really gotta buy some new ones soon -_-

at the time (july 3rd 2022) my tank was still going strong with no real algae problems. i had Godzilla, my only current surviving betta in there cause my mom kept saying he was lonely in his solo tank. observing his behavior after a bit in the 10gal however proved he's a solitary guy and he wanted to go back to a solo tank. so i took a day and revamped his tank from scratch completely!

and i'm glad i did! i'm much happier with it now and so is Godzilla! his fin rot he'd been battling for about a month cleared up in a week, and he's back to greeting me like an excited puppy whenever i pass by his tank ^_^ he's also taking advantage of the manmade hiding spots more often! (you can see him in the right half of the pic hiding in the sugar dish) photos of Godzilla's tank are from today.

what a handsome lad!!