my name is Cupid, i'm an artist who's been drawing since i could hold a crayon. i'm really into magical girls, i just love em so much!! my absolute favorite genre is magical girls, and i don't care if it's darker magical girl shows like madoka or yuki yuna, or lighthearted like doremi or precure, i love it all!

because of this most of my art is centered around magical girls, altough i do like drawing more than just them. i enjoy sewing a lot, i sew dolls and plushes mostly although i do like cosplaying and have a bit of a history as a competitive cosplayer!

my favorite things ever are (in no particular order)

  • fishkeeping and aquascaping
  • puella magi madoka magica
  • the tatami galaxy
  • nekojiru sou
  • sewing
  • monster high doll collecting (gen1 in particular)
  • splatoon
  • wonder egg priority
  • breath of the wild
  • yo-kai watch
  • collecting trinkets
  • going shopping at Target with people

if you'd like to contact me shoot me an email at